Infidelity can feel like the worst possible thing that could happen to a couple. The emotional fallout can be traumatic and seemingly never-ending. There are so many conversations that need to happen; so much to digest and understand. Yet the highly charged emotional state that each spouse is experiencing frequently makes these conversations very difficult to navigate, and sometimes, impossible.

Coming to understand that you need help can be an important step forward for your relationship. Still, it can be hard to reach out. Many fear judgment, criticism or blame. It might be helpful to know that good couple’s counseling has nothing to do with any of that. Rather, it is about each spouse having an emotional ally who offers support for processing intense and traumatic feelings. It is about being supported in developing dialogs that eventually reconnect each to the other, resulting in new and deeper understanding and healing.

In other words, we work together to reconstruct the damaged or destroyed emotional bridge between the two of you… or maybe construct one that was never there before.

I have helped hundreds of couples attempting to come to grips with and heal from infidelity.  I can be contacted at 925 948-0562.  When reaching out, please indicate the best times to reach you in person.  If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, please go to the Links page on this blog where you can find a geographical listing of therapists who work effectively with affairs.