Sometimes it gets to a point where it becomes very stressful keeping the secret and meeting the demands of two relationships.

You might feel desperate for someone to be able to tell you whether you should leave your marriage or end your affair. You also may feel uncomfortable discussing your situation with friends and family. Or when you do, perhaps you receive suggestions that seem simplistic or feel like they don’t address the complexity of your situation.

I can help you to understand your dilemma on a deeper level.  Feeling stuck can mean that the matter may not be as  simple as you had assumed.

I am a psychotherapist with 38 years of experience assisting individuals and couples with their relationships. If you would like help  accessing what is most true for you, feel free to contact me at (925) 948-0562 . You may also email me at When reaching out, please indicate the best times to reach you in person. I do offer tele-therapy for individuals, but if you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and desire to meet someone in person, you can find a geographical listing of therapists who are especially effective with affairs on my “Links” page.